I come from a home where there is an enormous emphasis on sharing meals with your family and friends and marking celebrations with food, always food. My mother has instilled a love of making people happy via the contents on their plate and she taught me to place emphasis on flavour and creativity first. Working with flavours and pairing different elements together is my jam. It’s what I dream about, it’s what drives me and it’s a skill that I have honed into for many years now. Balancing something that is equal parts moist, crumbly, crunchy and not overly sweet, with flavours that explode on your taste buds and leave you and your guests with the urge to empty plates of dessert into your mouths; this is what I’m all about and if you’re after it, I’m your lady.

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After uni I was working in the Marketing team for an automotive company, but my heart wasn’t in it. So, I made the big decision to leap into what I loved; patisserie. I learnt the fundamentals of patisserie in Melbourne. For four years I was at work anywhere from 4am, 5 days a week. Through my apprenticeship I was trained in making croissants, puff pastry, choux and traditional French desserts and pastries. During all of this, in 2012, Beurre was also born, and I started making cakes and desserts for markets and for celebrations.

After several years of working in Melbourne, I knew I needed some international experience, so I worked my way to the Laduree kitchens in Paris in 2017. Here, I was exposed to a wide variety of flavours components and ingredients, a higher level of precision, various design elements and techniques. I also unashamedly spent the year traipsing around Paris and eating my body weight in #allthesugar. Now I’m back in Melbourne providing dessert-filled memories for all your events.

Through Beurre, I am constantly seeking to provide you with delicious, beautiful and creative desserts, be it a celebration cake or a range of decadent pâtisseries heaving on a dessert table, to mark all the special events in your life. Ordering a dessert from Beurre is ordering something that has skill, determination, hours of thought, creativity and hard work poured into it. Everything is made from scratch using high quality ingredients and pre-mix is one dirty word that has no place in my kitchen. And remember, at the end of the day, I don’t just encourage gluttonous behaviour; I demand it. I look forward to making your sweet dreams come true!

Zahara x